dropped object prevention & awareness e-learning

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Dropped Object Awareness and Prevention Training.

During the normal times, we conduct face to face training with the participants in a classroom environment. Now in these “new normal” times, we take a further step to introduce the online distance learning with e-learning courses.
Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, we would like to ensure that everyone, from personnel working offshore to management level working in the office and even from home, can still gain access to Dropped Object Awareness and Prevention Training.

Hazard Identified in Offshore Dropped Object Survey

Key features of Global 1 DROPS E-Learning course;

Fully online – using our Learning Management System (LMS) available for computer, tablet or phone.

A modular format allows users to complete the course at their own pace, completing the course in manageable sections. 

In addition, a modular course allows Global 1 to highlight any potential knowledge gaps and recommend tailored / bespoke learning to clients (if necessary). 

Course materials delivered in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and can be customized to your company’s preference (upon request). 

Assessment at the end of each module to ensure users have absorb the necessary learning materials

Certificates awarded upon completion of each module. 

The course;

This E-Learning Course has been developed using collective experience from our dropped object surveys, dropped object awareness experience and also train the trainers classroom courses. The course provides essential information in the prevention and awareness of dropped objects.