preventative maintenance audits & gap analysis


Preventative Maintenance Audits & Gap Analysis

Operational Health, Safety and Environmental awareness is involved in every aspect of the drilling operations. This includes, but not limited to daily routine tasks such as preventative maintenance. Drawing on many years of experience Global 1 has developed a maintenance audit program which will contribute in making our clients operation safer and cost effective by eliminating unscheduled downtime.

Our clients can be confident that all Global 1 service for rig audits, are undertaken professionally and in accordance with the relevant standards and recommendations. All inspection personnel have prior experience on drilling assets, as well as having mechanical and electrical skilled backgrounds. The high level of experience and expertise of our inspection teams enable them to accurately and efficiently identify non-conforming or potential issues and recommend the suitable corrective action to be taken.

By using Global 1’s maintenance program, which includes surveys, inspections, recommendations, auditing and e- learning preventive maintenance training, it will enhance the efficiency of your personnel, operations, and give you increased competitiveness for your asset.

Rig Audits
Rig Audit

 The preventive maintenance audit would include, but not limited to the following:

  • Review &introduce critical maintenance programmes
  • Spare Parts Inventory
  • Scheduled Inspections & Surveys
  • Correct maintenance & Storage of components
  • Carried Stock Levels
  • Documentation

Audit of the spare minimum and maximum of stock levels, and carry out a review of any overdue maintenance, and causes to provide schedules and guidance on development and implementation.

Preventative Maintenance Benefits

Engaging Global 1’s services for rig inspection, rig audit and rig commissioning, customers will limit the risks to health, safety and the environment throughout their operations, whether offshore or onshore. Other benefits of rig inspections include:

  • Detection of potential problems with equipment or systems, and highlighting discrepancies in required specifications, avoiding delays in start-ups, and projects
  • Identifying potential dangers such as explosion on equipment that may be faulty or unsafe for the zone where the equipment is installed
  • Identify and bring to attention equipment due, or overdue for major overhaul and recertification
  • Cross Check all certification of equipment avoiding potential issues prior to the rig going on location.
  • Avoidance of costly warranty claims for asset owners when downtime, or corrective action is required.
  • Advise and train in preventive maintenance, reducing downtime as a result of equipment failure

Frequently asked questions

A Global 1 Preventive maintenance inspection involves the systematic inspection of equipment where potential problems are detected and corrected in order to prevent equipment failure before it happens.

Preventive maintenance procedures that’s developed by Global 1 offers a maintenance procedure that is regularly performed on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of it failing, and the structure inuring costly downtime.

It is performed while the asset is still working so that it does not break down unexpectedly causing unscheduled downtime.

Equipment downtime is decreased and the number of major repairs is reduced. Better conservation of assets and increased life expectancy of assets, thereby eliminating premature replacement of machinery and equipment.

Global 1 develops the following for our clients

  • Preventive maintenance plan
  • Inventory facility equipment/assets
  • Create preventive maintenance procedures
  • Create preventive maintenance schedule priorities
  • Train your maintenance and drill crew teams

Analyze /adjust and improve

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