Derrick CMC Removal

Derrick CMC Removal

Global 1 Derrick CMC Removal Services

Crown mounted compensator (Derrick CMC) equipment includes a variety manufacturers and products designed to compensate for the vertical movement of offshore drilling rigs due to heave. Global 1’s management team are one of the most experienced in the industry having been involved either in the project office, or supervising the Derrick technicians with the removal of many variations of CMC’s.

CMC Removal

Derrick CMC Removal

CMC removals can be a very complex operation which requires in-depth pre-planning and preparations to ensure that the work scopes are completed professionally, efficiently and above all safely.

Global 1’s experience and extensive knowledge of CMC Removals over the years has enhanced our pre-planning, risk assessments, procedures and detailed lift plans.

All Global 1 rope access personnel that are part of CMC, or heavy complicated lift work scopes are qualified and experienced.

Derrick CMC Removal

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 carry out all pre-planning and preparations to ensure that the work scopes are carried out safely and efficiently.

Part of the planning and Preparations are to prepare detailed Lift Plans, and to create job specific Risk Assessments and Procedures to back up the SOW.

Only Global 1 Rope Access Technicians with extensive experience carrying out complicated lifts are used on CMC removals, and other heavy lift projects.

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