Derrick Upgrade Services

Rig Re-Activation / Derrick Upgrade

Global 1 Derrick Upgrade Services

With over 60 years Derrick Upgrade experience, the Global 1 management team have modified, repaired, re-certified & inspected all Derrick structure types.

The Global 1 Team has completed various Derrick & Mast upgrades over the years, covering every element of the work-scope from the initial survey, to the Structural Analysis, right through to procurement and fabrication of equipment and materials, to the Installation and completion of the upgrade project.

The Global 1 Engineering & Project teams have accumulated many years’ experience of upgrade work-scopes, this allows us to give fast and proven Derrick solutions for our customers. 

Drilling Structure upgrades is part of the Global 1 core business, with an experienced team of Project and Rope Access construction personnel that undertake onsite upgrades and modifications, because of our experience we are always able to complete our customers work scopes on time and within budget

Global 1’s priority is always safety first, because we have the qualifications, experience, and extensive resource to support your projects, safety and efficiency can work together.


Global Derrick Upgrade Services include, but are not limited to;

    • Increased Hook Load Capacities
    • Increased Setback Capacities
    • Derrick Windwall & Heat Shield Cladding
    • Top Drive Upgrades
    • Derrick Refurbishments
    • Replacement Guide Rails & Braces
    • Replacement Racking Boards
    • Derrick Modifications for Introduction of Pipe Handling Systems
    • Derrick Lighting surveys & Installation
    • High & Low Pressure Piping Fabrication & Installation
    • Design, Manufacture & Installation of Casing Stabbing Boards
    • Bolt Inspection & Replacement
    • Derrick Inspections
    • Replacement Vent Lines

    Global 1 Derrick Upgrade Services
    • Rig Re-Activation / Derrick Upgrade
      Rig Re-Activation

    Frequently asked questions

    The most recent Derrick Upgrade was in 2019/2020 on the Enterprise 351 jack up.

    Global 1’s SOW was to increase the GNC from 825,000 LBS to 1,167.000 LBS.

    Global 1 did complete the 351-derrick upgrade as a turn key project. We have the experience and resources to carry out any Derrick Upgrade as a turn key project, from Engineering and project management, to fabrication of upgrade packages, and final installation and commissioning.

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