Heat Shields

Lightweight Single Skin Vamac Derrick Heat shield

Global 1 Heat Shield Supply Services

Global 1 carry out the design, supply, and installation of heat shield for the Derrick, Drill floor, and other exposed areas such as stairways and flare stacks, whether it’s on offshore or onshore structures.  

Because we have installed many variations, concepts and designs; adapting specifically to our customers’ requirements, including weight saving concepts on Derricks and Masts.

In conjunction with our partner at Locker we are able to offer the latest in Heat shield technology.

The light weight design specifically designed to meet your protection requirements using a single skin Vamac® coated polyester-based cloth.

All materials have been independently tested and shields are designed to protect against flares when installed on the derrick, drill floor, or other structures that requires a light weight protection.

Providing protection against heat flares with a temperature range from –30°C to +180°C the fabric offers insulation and protection against radiant heat for up to 60 minutes.

Heat shield are lightweight and flexible with a range of installation techniques available.

The corrugated Heat shield is used as a permanent solution for the protection of both personnel and equipment from the effects of radiant heat produced from the flaring of excess hydrocarbons. With an open area of 32% the Locker corrugated Heat shield reduces the radiant heat by over 80% behind the Heat shield.

The Global 1 engineering department are able to produce a concept design for our customers, and run the calculations to establish if any reinforcement or additional support would be required to accommodate the wind-shields whether they are steel or fabric.

When it comes to installation, the safety and efficiency are of the greatest priority, especially if the heat shield installation is being carried out between drilling contracts. Global 1’s multi skilled rope access Derrick Technicians are all experienced in undertaking various kinds of heatshield installation work scopes, this in turn also enables Global 1 to offer our customers a turnkey solution to all our customers specific requirements.

Heat Shield Supply / Installation
  • Full or Localised Derrick Protection
  • Deck Crane Protection
  • Walkway Protection
  • Stairway Protection
  • Flare Deck Installation
  • Cable Tray Protection
  • Temporary Maintenance Heat Shield

Global 1 Heat Shielding
  • Corrugated Heat shield
    Corrugated Heat shield

Frequently asked questions

Yes Global 1 will do the Engineering which would include the wind load calculations.

In some cases it is possible for the heat shield can be installed offshore.

Yes Global 1 will carry out the whole turn key project, from Design to engineering, and fabrication to installation.

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