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Replacement Members - Mast Section

Global 1 Replacement Members

Occasionally Derrick and Mast load bearing members within the structure such as braces or girts can become damaged, worn or depending on the environment, corroded, possibly corroded to the extent that they are no longer capable of safely handling the extreme loads for which they were designed or intended to take. Global 1 are experienced in the design, fabrication and installation of Replacement Members…

For example box section steel work is particularly vulnerable to corrosion as the box section tends to corrode from the inside out due to the moisture which can become trapped within, making the corrosion very difficult to discover. 

From our facilities in Singapore & Indonesia and our partners located in the UK, Global 1 are able to fabricate and install replacement Derrick & Mast members supporting our customers requirements worldwide.


Global 1’s Quality Management System provides you with the assurance that the QA/QC of components which are manufactured at our facilities is of the highest standard. Supported by our ISO 9001 2015 accreditation, and a comprehensive manufacturing data book including all the relevant certification and documentation applicable to the products supplied to our customers.

Our documentation controllers look after collating all project related information and material certification to ensure all documentation packs are available shortly after final inspection of the manufactured products.

All of our processes are carried out in-house ensuring we are in control of project delivery and quality.

Global 1 Replacement Members
  • Bent Derrick Member - Replacement Members
    Bent Derrick Member - Replacement Members

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 is able to fabricate replacement members at its locations in Indonesia, Singapore and the UK.

Global 1 will always accommodate our customers needs, if need be we would work around the clock to get our customers operating asap.

Yes, Global 1 Rope Access personnel will remove the old members and install the replacement members, all replacement members come with new fixings.

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