Onshore Services

Global1 Onshore Services

Global 1 has the knowledge, experience, and facilities to support our customers on large scale projects, including fabrication, and engineering requirements. Our Project & Planning department has a vibrant & highly focused team, with experienced engineering department providing our clients with design solutions for drilling structures and components, with our fabrication department able to meet our customers’ requirements and schedules.

Onshore Services

Global1 onshore services

“As drilling Derrick specialist, we at Global 1 aim to provide our customers with the best quality, safest, and most cost-efficient solutions for whatever our customer’s requirements are, whether it’s supply of Engineering Services, Derrick Upgrades or Refurbishment, Inspections and Surveys, or Equipment sales. We at Global 1 offer the highest level of support and integrity available, both for offshore and onshore needs.”

Engineering Service

Global 1 engineering provide our clients with design solutions for drilling structures and components, providing drawings ranging from design to fabrication, as well as providing onsite draftsmen and engineers for various projects.

Global 1 has the facilities and experience to support our client on large scale project fabrication needs, we are able to fabricate to customer supplied designs and drawings, as well as our own engineered drawings.

Fabrication Service

Project Management

Project Managing work scopes is a key part of Global 1 success, our Management Capability & Technical Proficiency successfully enables Global 1 to manage our customers Projects through Effective Pre-Planning, in-depth control procedures, and execution of the work scope.

Once we make a sale with one of our many used land rigs, our customers may request some changes to be made to the rig before they take delivery. Refurbishment, Upgrades and Re-Certification often comes hand in hand with the sale of the rig. This can range from Carrier Rigs to the largest Land Drilling Rigs available. 

Land Rig Refurbishment