WIndwall Design Services

The Troll B Platform Corrugated Windwall Panels

Global 1 Windwall Design Services

Global 1 can carry out the design, supply, and installation of derrick windwall for the Derrick, Drill floor, and other exposed areas whether it is on offshore or onshore structures.

Because we have installed many variations, concepts and designs adapting specifically to our customers’ requirements, including weight saving concepts on drilling structures that were not originally designed to accommodate the wind loading of large heavy steel wind-walls.

In conjunction with our partner at Locker we are able to offer the latest in windwall technology.

Lightweight and strong, the designed Windwall o­ffer protection from the elements while maintaining a light and airy working environment. Single skin in construction with patented built-in tensioning technology, the PVC coated charcoal grey polyester provides 75% wind speed reduction up to a standard 90mph and maximum 120mph. A correctly designed windwall will provide protection against rain, dirt and dust. 

The Locker designed Corrugated Wind Shield is used as a permanent solution for the protection of both personnel and equipment from the harsh weather conditions experienced both onshore and offshore in the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our engineering department are able to produce a concept design for our customers, and run the calculations to establish if any reinforcement or additional support would be required to accommodate the wind-shields whether they are steel or fabric.

Windwall Design Services

When it comes to installation, safety and efficiency are of the greatest priority, especially if these modifications are being done between drilling contracts. Global 1’s multi skilled rope access Derrick Technicians are all experienced in undertaking this kind of work scope, this in turn also enables Global 1 to offer our customers a turnkey solution to any specific requirements.

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Global 1 Windwall Design / Installation
  • Windwall In Need Of Replacing or Upgrading
    Windwall In Need Of Replacing or Upgrading

Frequently asked questions

If it is a requirement, Global 1 will do the Engineering which would include the any wind load calculations.

In some cases it is possible for the Wind shield or windwalls can be installed offshore.

Yes Global 1 will carry out the whole turn key project, from Design to engineering, and fabrication to installation of the Wind Shields and Windwalls. 

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