Guide Rail Fabrication

Global 1 Fabrication Services

Global 1 has the facilities and experience to support our client on large scale project fabrication needs, we are able to fabricate to customer supplied designs and drawings, as well as our own engineered drawings.

With our facilities in Singapore, UK and Indonesia we are able to cover most parts of the world with our customers requirements. Our facilities are able to cover a wide range of fabrication projects from Water and Mud Tanks, high pressure pipework etc.

We also offer more technical fabrication such Derrick, Masts & Substructure replacement components, along with Derrick / Mast upgrade packages.

With Global 1 our customers have the advantage of having in house design & engineering,

in some cases, our customers prefer to provide Global 1 with their drawings of their requirements so that Global 1 Engineering can assist with the design verification, and other customer requirements.

The Quality Management System that we operate give our customers the assurance that the Quality Assurance, and Quality Control of the fabricated items is of the highest standard. This is backed up with a comprehensive manufacturing data dossier of all the relevant certification and documentation applicable to our customer’s fabrication projects.

Typical Fabrication Projects
  • Drilling derrick replacement members
  • Masts & substructures replacement components
  • Mud systems
  • Drill line spoolers
  • Deck replacement & extensions
  • High & low pressure piping
  • Subsea structures & components
  • Rig Upgrade & repair components
  • Skidding systems
  • Deck replacement & extensions
  • Wind-wall cladding
  • Water & mud tanks
  • Guide rails & braces

Fabrication Examples
  • Fabrication of Casing Stabbing Board (CSB)
    Fabrication of Casing Stabbing Board (CSB)

Frequently asked questions

We have our fabrication facilities located in Singapore where our head office is, Jakarta, Indonesia and the Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

Global 1 are proud to have achieved the ISO 45001, Occupational Health & Safety Management 2018, ISO 14001, Environmental management Systems 2015, and ISO 9001, Quality management Systems 2015.

We fabricate and manufacture many different products and components, but the more common fabricated products are our Casing Stabbing Boards, Guide Rails, and Frame Work, Clamps & Supports for the Derrick Heat Shields.

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