“As drilling Derrick specialist, we at Global 1 aim to provide our customers with the best quality, safest, and most cost-efficient inspections solutions for whatever our customer’s requirements are, whether it’s supply of Engineering Services, Derrick Upgrades or Refurbishment, Inspections and Surveys, or Equipment sales. We at Global 1 offer the highest level of support and integrity available, both for offshore and onshore needs.”

Global 1 Derrick Services

Global 1 Inspection Services

Global 1 is a specialist Inspection company providing upstream services and products to the worldwide oil and gas industry’s operators and drilling contractors.  Our services include the design, engineering, manufacture, repair, up-grade, installation and dismantling of drilling structures and the refurbishment of associated drilling equipment. Our inspections and surveys of offshore and onshore drilling structures complement the scope of products and services offered by Global 1 to our customers on a global basis.

Dropped Object Surveys

Global 1 carry out many variations of a dropped object surveys, these surveys are also carried out on all types of structures and buildings. Our surveys can range from a sweep of the structure removing all loose items and debris, to a complete inventory of equipment and safety assessment of the integrity of fittings and its secondary retention.  

More often than not Global 1’s customers have purchased, or are in the process of purchasing an offshore unit (MODU), or land rig where there is very little documentation. In some cases there is no name plate confirming the capacity of their drilling structure.

Whether it is a Derrick or Mast we are able to assist our customers by going through the process to recertify the drilling derrick or mast. 

Drilling Structure Recertification

API CAT III & IV Mast & Substructure

With our highly experienced and professional technicians and engineers that carry out API RP 4G Category III and IV Derrick / Mast and Sub-Structure Inspections in accordance with API-recommended practice, our customers can be assured that their drilling structure has been Inspected by trained professionals, making sure the derrick /mast and sub-structure is fit for purpose.

Safe and successful lifting operations depend in large on the continued safety of the lifting equipment and accessories that are used. Failures in the lifting equipment could result in significant down time or even fatal injuries.

As an industry leader in the field of lifting equipment we provide our clients with thorough lifting gear inspections.

Lifting Gear Inspections

PRV Testing & Inspections

Pressure relief valves, or pressure safety valves are designed to protect against overpressure by discharging pressurised gases and vapours from pipelines, pressure vessels and plant components. Safety relief valves are often the last line of defence against explosion

Global 1 undertakes offshore, and at our facilities onshore the testing and calibration services for Pressure Relief Valves (PRV). All PRV’s are inspected and tested in accordance with international codes and in compliance with manufacturers recommended practices.

Global 1 carry out Rig Audits, Preventive Maintenance Audits & Asset Inventory Audits. The absolute attention to detail provides our customers with complete information required and needed to enable our customers to make accurate decisions when hiring or buying a rig whether it’s an offshore unit, or land rig.

Rig Audits

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