Racking board Assembly

Mast Upgrade & Recertification - Racking Board Assembly

Global 1 Racking Board Assembly

Racking Boards endure a hard life throughout its life cycle racking up thousands of metres of drill pipe in all types of hush conditions. Inevitably at some point the racking board assembly will be damaged, or just worn to the extent that it needs to be repaired, refurbished, or in some cases completely replaced.

Under some circumstances our customers need to increase their drill pipe size, in these cases a new racking board, or rearrangement of the fingers would be required. Or our customers request may simply be to revise the capacity of the racking area.

With our design, engineering and fabrication teams, Global 1 has the capability for building & installing replacement racking boards and support frames for all types of designs of drilling structures on both onshore and offshore structures

Racking Board Assembly
  • Custom design and installation of Racking Boards
  • Replace, or Refurbish damaged or worn Racking Boards
  • Modify for increased drill pipe size, or other requirements
  • Increase the capacity of Racking area

Global 1 manufacture replacement racking boards and support frames for every type of onshore and offshore Drilling Structure.

Global 1 Racking Board Assembly
  • Damaged Fingers - Racking Board Assembly
    Damaged Fingers - Racking Board Assembly

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 will design & manufacture Racking Board Assemblies to our customers’ requirements.

Yes, Global 1 will refurbish existing Racking Board Assemblies.

Increased capacity, modifications for drill pipe size are just two of the modifications Global 1 has carried out on existing Racking Board Assemblies.

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