Drilling Structure Recertification

Drilling Structure Recertification

Drilling Structure Re-certification

More often than not Global1’s customers have purchased, or are in the process of purchasing an offshore unit (MODU), or land rig where there is very little documentation. In some cases, there is no name plate confirming the capacity of their drilling structure.

Whether it is a Derrick or Mast, we are able to assist our customers by going through the process to recertify the drilling derrick or mast.

Global 1 will carry out an analysis of the structure using member geometry, taking into account the condition and age of the structure.

Global 1 has the Engineering experience, capability and resources to be able to turnkey all aspects of the work scopes from site survey and engineering, to the replacement of any like for like damaged members, or an upgrade kit for the drilling structure.

The same criteria would apply if our customers need to increase their hook load, setback area, or other loads that were not intended for the original design of the drilling structure.

Once our clients work scopes are completed, they will receive all the relevant certification and documentation confirming the capacity of the their drilling structure in accordance with the relevant governing bodies.

Global 1 has the experience and the accreditations to cater for our customers requirements when it comes to Inspection, repair and recertification of your drilling structure. With our strategic office and workshop locations in Singapore and Indonesia to enable us to support all our clients’ projects on all aspects of structural engineering, inspection, repair and rectification. 

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