Drilling Structure Preventative Maintenance e-learning

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Drilling Structure Preventative Maintenance Training.

The Global 1 E-Learning Drilling Structure Preventive Maintenance course has been designed and developed to provide drill crew personnel with the fundamentals of visual preventive maintenance so as to reduce the amount of downtime, damage and incidents associated with drilling structures.

The E-Learning Course is Audio, Narrative, and has Visual inter-active content, and has been designed to be as in-depth and informative as possible, having the same in-depth attention as if the course was being held in the classroom. This E- Learning course requires interaction with the candidate and includes an assessment test at the end of each module. Once the course has been completed a certificate of completion will be awarded to the candidate.

Drilling Structure Recertification - Crown Block

Key features of Global 1 Drilling Structure Preventative Maintenance E-Learning course;

Fully online – using our Learning Management System (LMS) available for computer, tablet or phone.

A modular format allows users to complete the course at their own pace, completing the course in manageable sections. 

In addition, a modular course allows Global 1 to highlight any potential knowledge gaps and recommend tailored / bespoke learning to clients (if necessary). 

Course materials delivered in English, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai and can be customized to your company’s preference (upon request). 

Assessment at the end of each module to ensure users have absorb the necessary learning materials

Certificates awarded upon completion of each module. 

Course Objectives

To give all drill crews the knowledge to identify and report the more everyday common faults that occur with drilling structures, this in turn allow the customer/rig owner to be aware of the current condition of the Drilling Structure, while also allowing the management and customer to plan together when the repairs or essential maintenance can be carried out. Preventive Maintenance inspections, and early reporting can also avoid major issues developing to a point where downtime is unavoidable, and drilling has to stop for emergency or essential repairs.

Course duration is around 3 to 4 hours. This E-Learning course will benefit all drill crews providing the knowledge to carry out preventive maintenance on all drilling structures whether they are Masts, Sub-Structures or Derricks in accordance with API recommended practice 4G.