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Global 1 Derrick Bolts

In recent times for one reason or another rigs and drilling structures have been standing idle, in either the cold or warm stacked status. As the drilling structure stands idle, and the derrick bolts get older and begin to corrode, the capacity and integrity of the bolts can potentially become weaker.

Derrick bolts that have been inspected over the years and in some cases re-torqued a number of times during their life cycle can be potentially no longer fit for purpose, or no longer in accordance with OEM specifications and recommendations.

Derrick Bolts

On any rig or installation, the safety and integrity of the bolts requires a close and regular inspection. The regular inspection of bolts and the area surrounding them is imperative throughout the life cycle of the bolts to enable to mitigate against corrosion in the harsh environments and avoid any issues such as bolt failure leading to Dropped Object Incidents.

When Global 1 carry out bolts surveys, we also create a comprehensive bolt list and bolt mapping. This makes all future derrick bolt inspections easier and more efficient.

If it’s required we can also supply, and install replacement bolts for your derrick and other structures.

New A325 Derrick Bolts & Anco Lock Nuts Installed

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 frequently carry out bolt Surveys, and create bolt lists for our customers.

Global 1 supply high quality bolts from either Europe or the USA, backed up by certification.

Global 1 will supply Rope Access personnel and Equipment to ensure that the replacement bolts are installed and tightened correctly and safely.

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