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Project Managing work scopes is a key part of Global 1 success, our Management Capability & Technical Proficiency, successfully enables Global 1 to manage our customers Projects through Effective Pre Planning, in-depth control procedures, and execution of the work scope. Global 1 objective in Project Management is to achieve all of the project goals within the stipulated time frame, following the given requirements by our Clients,  but also to be able to be flexible at our clients request, or if the situation dictates. By the use of Global 1 procedures  and work ethics, we at Global 1 are able to provide the necessary Structure, Focus, Flexibility and Better Control to Manage the project with outstanding results while maintaining our prevailing highest Quality & Standards.

Our Project Planning Team at Global 1 is comprised of a vibrant & highly focused Engineering department, which has the desire to achieve a Flawless Execution of the Projects undertaken.
Key Points to a Successful Project
  • Transparent Project Planning agreed by all parties
  • 100% Transparency with the Client at all times
  • Good Procurement, keeping cost & Schedule on track
  • Open communication, and frequent progress Updates to our clients
  • Constant in house communication from the Management, to the personnel execution the work scope.

With our implemented Project Management Systems (PMS), communication and consistent monitoring, this  enables the Global 1 project team to take action at a timely manner via “course correction” where deemed necessary in order to ensure the success in execution of multidiscipline & complex projects. 

    Global 1 PMS ensure we provide the following documentation and features:

    • Engineering documents receipt and review
    • Material Procurement & Expediting
    • Material issuance and reconciliation
    • Inventory Management & Warehousing
    • Project Planning & Control
    • Earned Value Management
    • Development of Progress Reports and “S”-Curves
    • Cost Optimization
    • Project Closeout including Dossiers Documentation

    Frequently asked questions

    Global 1 has recently carried out a complete Derrick Upgrade and refurbishment. The rig had been cold stacked for 6 years and required total refurbishment for reactivation.

    Yes Global 1 carried out the turn key project sourcing and replacing the complete mud shaker system, from pipe work replacement, to sourcing & installing new shakers.

    Global 1 have carried out many turn key projects for land rigs, from fabricating pony subs, to designing, fabricating and installing water and mud tanks.

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