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Dropped Object Surveys

Dropped object still remains one of the leading causes of incidents and injury in the oil & gas industry today, engaging in a professional experienced company that can implement the right dropped object surveys solutions in place to help mitigate dropped objects is a crucial part of maintaining a safe working environment.

Global 1 carry out many variations of a dropped object surveys, these surveys are also carried out on all types of structures and buildings. Our surveys can range from a sweep of the structure removing all loose items and debris, to a complete inventory of equipment and assessment of the integrity of fittings and secondary retention, to recommendations, and the supply of, and installation of drops prevention tools and equipment.

We also invite our clients to take our Dropped Objects Elimination & Prevention e-learning course to assist non-specialist client staff to have an awareness of Dropped Objects.

Because Global 1 view your safety as our priority, and in keeping with industry directives, we have developed, and successfully implemented dropped objects prevention initiatives and procedures on board offshore drilling units, platforms, FPSO’s, land rigs, supply yards and even in the office.

In establishing an effective dropped object management system, facilities, structures, supply yards and office locations are typically separated into several more manageable areas. Certain areas are separated further such as major structures which are broken down into levels, equipment areas and modules. Each area has an inventory prepared detailing and uniquely referencing all equipment that is located, stored, mounted, secured or used at height.

Our professional dropped objects teams are trained and experienced to know where to look for all potential Dropped Objects, Static and Dynamic, and will remove or make safe all potential dropped Objects as the survey progresses.


Areas that we typically cover on a full survey can include but not limited to the following.

  • Derricks & Masts
  • Travel/ Drilling Equipment
  • Comms Mast
  • Sub-structure
  • Jack House & Legs
  • Rig Equipment
  • Moon Pool
  • Deck & Gantry Cranes
  • Leg Columns
  • Flare Stacks
  • Helideck Structure
  • Internal areas, mud room, sack room etc.
  • Accommodation


Dropped Object Survey Examples
  • Derrick

Frequently asked questions

A key recommendation is that structures are regularly inspected for potential dropped objects, although the frequency of inspection is left to the owner it is industry recognised to carry out dropped objects annually, along with any pre-operations or post construction.

A: The engineered method for securing the primary fixing to prevent loss of clamping force or displacement of fastening components, for example, locking wire, split pins, cotter pins etc.

To learn much more about the Elimination and Prevention of Dropped Objects Global 1 recommends to take our E-Learning Elimination and Prevention Dropped Objects course available in the training academy page. HERE

All Global 1 personnel that carry out Inspection, Repair and Maintenance at height are qualified and experienced in their own field of expertise, and Irata qualified in the use of Rope Access

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