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Global 1 E-Learning Courses

Global 1 have developed a series of e-learning courses, however if you require additional course material, do not hesitate to contact us below and we can develop bespoke e-learning material for your organisation.

Dropped Object Prevention & Awareness


Drilling Structure Preventative Maintenance


Introducing Global 1 Training Academy

Training and Competency is at the forefront of everything we do within our industry as we strive to be more productive, efficient and safe.

Global 1 have been providing classroom training to clients over a number of years. However in the current climate, face to face training is no longer practical. Global 1 have invested in providing superior training material online, through our LMS (Learning Management System).

Global 1 have developed training courses to help the Oil & Energy industry maintain the highest level of safety and compliance. Distance Learning ensures that required, high quality educational material are delivered in a “non-contact” environment. These courses are useful for offshore and onshore personnel as well as management level working from the office.

At Global 1, our principal remains the same, always to make your safety our priority.

  • Online training using Global 1’s LMS (Learning Management System)
  • Available on any ‘web-enabled device’ (Desktop, Mobile Phone, Tablet)
  • End of course / module assessments to gauge learner knowledge.
  • Anytime delivery! Courses can be started or stopped at any time, in any location.
  • Courses are all narrated to help understanding.
  • In-built learner interactions encourage learner involvement.
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We Make Your Safety Our Priority

Cost Effective training

E-Learning training significantly reduces the cost impact to your organisation by eradicating additional travel expenses usually incurred...


Take the hassle out of managing your competence management with Global1's easy-to-use Matrix report.

learners learn at own pace

By allowing learners to self-enrol / save progress. Learners can take the course at a time and pace that suits anyone.

Available Anywhere / anytime

Use any web-enabled device to enrol and take Global1's complete suite of e-learning courses.

Frequently asked questions

Global1’s range of e-learning courses can be taken on any web-enabled device. 

We recommend using a device with a large screen size, such as a desktop or laptop for better readability, however the courses will work perfectly on a tablet or smartphone also. 

  • Learners can learn in their own time, start and stop whenever needed and progress is saved. 
  • Everybody learns at their own pace. Each learner can replay a slide as many times as required to ensure understanding. 
  • E-Learning is more cost effective than classroom learning. 

Anybody looking to further their knowledge within the oil and gas industry. 

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