Engineering and design Services

Global 1 Engineering Services

Global 1 Engineering and Design Services

Global 1 engineering provide our clients with design solutions for drilling structures and components, providing drawings ranging from design to fabrication, as well as providing onsite draftsmen and engineers for various projects.

Engineer Services

Global 1 engineering resources undertakes many disciplines including, but not limited to: 

  • Structural, 
  • Electrical,
  • Mechanical, 
  • Design Verification

Our team only uses the most suitable up to date software, and are able to cover a wide range of complex work-scopes, from:

  • Rig Upgrades, 
  • Mud Systems, 
  • Heavy or Unusual Lifts, 
  • Derricks & Mast capacity Verification.

Global 1 Engineering Examples
  • Old Shakers and Mud System
    Old Shakers and Mud System

Rig Refurbishment, Upgrades and Repair Project are part of Global 1’s core business and constantly present our team with new challenges, these challengers in turn increase our experience and flexibility to provide the correct solutions and improvements for your rig.

Drilling Structures are a large part of our core business, and you will find a wealth of experience within our team, from design, to modification, re-certification and validation of new and used Drilling Structures, both onshore and offshore. 

For general fabrication, or more specific projects such as the Design and Installation of Global 1 heat shields, or access platforms, we can design your requirements in-house, or provide you additional support to your engineering team on an ad hoc basis for Engineers and/or Draughting support.

Global 1 Sales and Engineering teams more often than not work hand in hand to assist our customers that purchase a rig or equipment from us, as they often require Rig Upgrades and/or Refurbishments to be made, or the equipment they have purchased is to be installed and commissioned by Global 1.

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 has engineers specialising in Structural, Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

The most recent large Upgrade and Refurbishment project that Global 1 undertook was the Jack Up Rig, Enterprise 351 re-activation project, which was completed on time and within budget.

One of our most common projects we undertake that involves structural engineering is the design, supply and installation of our Derrick Heat Shields.

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