Guide Rails and Braces

Top Drive Installation - Guide Rails

Global 1 Guide Rail and Braces

If the existing guide rails or braces need replacing due to excessive wear, damage, corrosion, or in some cases upgrading due to a top drive upgrade, Global 1 will Design, Fabricate, install and Commission the new guide rail and braces.

If a top drive upgrade is planned, and the torque through the derrick is increased, Global 1 are also able to carry out a structural analysis as per the requirements of API 4G for the re-certification of your derrick in accordance with the new rating.

Guide Rails and Braces

Global 1 guide rail design are suitable to withstand the following dead loads, torque and dynamic loading’s exerted by the travelling equipment.

  • Dead load & Torque output for the installed Top Drive
  • Dead load and reacted forces for the Top Drive & Travelling Block
  • Dynamic loading on the guide rail system itself

Once the work scope is completed Global 1 provide our customers a summary of the engineering report for the new guide rail system, along with a complete manufacturing data book containing assembly and arrangement drawings etc.

Global will carry out the turn key work scope for our customers, consisted of but not limited to:

  • Guide Rail Site Survey
  • Engineering & Design of the Replacement Guide Rails
  • Manufacture of Replacement Guide Rails
  • Installation of Replacement Guide Rails

Global 1 Guide Rails and Braces
  • Guide Rail Fabrication
    Guide Rail Fabrication

Frequently asked questions

Global 1 is able to manufacture like for like rails, or design an improved concept.

Yes, Global 1 are able to carry out the complete turn key project, from Engineering & Design, to Manufacture & Installation.

Global 1 will always accommodate our customers criteria. Rails & braces can be galvanised, painted or both.

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